The Best Devices That Keep the Air in Your Home Fresh and Clean in 2016

A Comprehensive Buying Guide For The Best Air Purifier, Humidifier, And Dehumidifier

As a homeowner and someone, who suffers from allergies, you likely do your best to keep your home dust free. Despite sweating profusely and laboring for many hours at a time, it is simply impossible to completely eradicate all of the allergens inside of your home, without a little assistance. Equipping yourself with a reliable air purifier, humidifier, or dehumidifier is pertinent. These products are specifically designed to filter your home’s air and make it cleaner, and healthier. Below, you’ll learn about the similarities and differentials of each specific type.

The Importance Of Clean, Good Quality Air

Almost everyone understands that dirty, polluted air is terrible for your health. However, they fail to fully understand the true importance of maintaining good air quality within their homes. Clean air is important for various reasons and they go well beyond the basics. High quality air will diminish your allergies, prevent the growth of mold, and give you the ability to relax more comfortably within your home.

  • Allergies – Using a purifier or humidifier to clean the air is commonly done to eliminate dust and dirt, which can cause your allergies to flare. The pollen, dust and dirt in the air are microscopically small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. They’ll cause you to suffer from a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Suffice to say, good quality air will prevent you from being absolutely miserable when you’re at home.
  • Pets – There is no doubt that you absolutely love your furry friend. Nothing in this world could ever convince you to betray your dog and send him or her packing. Unfortunately, pets can shed a substantial amount of hair and dander. This in return will cause your allergies to worsen substantially. The dog’s dander can stick to your home’s floors, walls and furniture. Together, they’ll create a miserable environment and will cause your allergies to go into overdrive. This will not happen, if your home’s air is clean.
  • Asthma – If you happen to suffer from asthma, you’ll understand firsthand that pollution, smoke, and general bad air can make it incredibly difficult to breathe. Although it is generally impossible to completely rectify and prevent asthma, there are some ways to diminish the potential for flare ups. Asthma is often triggered by environmental factors, such as dust particles and even gases in the atmosphere. Cleaner air would not contain these detrimental components and would help to decrease the potential for an asthma attack.
  • Smokers – Living with a smoker can be downright dreadful. Although these individuals do a significant amount of damage to themselves, they’re also harm you in the process. Cigarette smoke and the toxins found within are capable of sticking to the walls and furniture within your home. Even isolating the smoker to a singular room cannot prevent the smoke and toxins from penetrating through and diminishing the air quality in other rooms. Cigarette smoke can trigger asthma, allergies, and smelly horribly. Cleaner air is much better and poses no risks whatsoever.
  • Mold – Mold is much more likely to grow in environments, which contain nasty, polluted air. Mold can be incredibly dangerous and can substantially diminish your health. Even worse is the fact that mold is more dangerous to younger children as poses a greater risk to the elderly. Mold can cause allergy symptoms and may even induce hay fever-like symptoms. Some even experience depression, headaches and skin rashes, after encountering mold. To prevent the growth of mold, it is essential to maintain high quality air within your living quarters.

Truly, maintaining good quality air within your home should be a top priority. Doing so will help you remain healthy and happy within the confines of your home.

Devices That Can Help You Achieve The Best Air Quality

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the importance of high-quality air, it is time to learn how to acquire and maintain that air. The good news is that achieving this goal is much easier said than done. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of three products, which are designed for this specific purpose. They include air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers.

Best Humidifiers
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Best Air Purifiers
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Best Dehumidifiers
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Air Purifiers

As the name suggests, an air purifier is capable of purifying the air within a home. These devices work to remove contaminants within the air of a room. They’re undeniably beneficial for diminishing second-hand smoke, while also reducing allergens and preventing an asthma attack. There are numerous types of air purifiers and the techniques they utilize to purify the air varies substantially. For instance, some of these appliances utilize irradiate to kill germs and microbes. Others use activated carbon filters to remove particles from the air. The sole purpose of the purifier is to cleanse the air. This cannot be said about the alternatives.

Air purifiers can be beneficial for an assortment of different people, including those with asthma and respiratory problems. This is the case, because the appliances focus on eradicating harmful chemicals, which can be linked to respiratory problems and allergies, from the air. Thus, these devices will help to minimize the contact you make with pollutants and harmful chemicals, while allowing you to maintain good overall health. Purchasing an air purifier can be tricky, since the market is oversaturated and the differentials are abundant. In order to find the best air purifier for your specific situation, you’ll need to consider your budget, what you wish to achieve and the size of the room, which will be treated.

Although these appliances can be immensely people for large segments of the population, it is vital to remember that they do have a few downsides. Mainly, the mass majority of air purifiers incorporate the use of replaceable filters. HEPA filters are undoubtedly some of the most efficient for eradicating germs and potentially harmful chemicals, but they’re also expensive. This means that the ongoing cost of operating a reliable air purifier can be somewhat costly. Nonetheless, the pros outweigh the cons and most will agree that these products and their benefits are well worth the overall cost.


Many consumers make the mistake of lumping humidifiers in the same category as purifiers and dehumidifiers. This is undoubtedly a misconception. Although they can provide many similar benefits, the differentials are also enormous. As the name suggests, the humidifier is designed to add humidity and moisture to the air. Maintaining the proper humidity level inside of your home is vital for remaining healthy. With the use of a humidifier, you’ll be able to bring normalcy to your home’s humidity level and this will deliver enormous benefits for your skin, body, and overall wellbeing.

In actuality, the humidifier works in the exact opposite manner as the dehumidifier, which removes humidity for the air. With this in mind, consumers will find that only one of these products will be idealistic for their specific situation. Before purchasing the best humidifier money can buy, it is essential to consider your current situation and environment. Is the air inside of your home very dry to the point that your lips and skin begin to crack and peel? Is the lack of water vapor in the atmosphere within your home making it difficult to breathe? Humidifiers are suited for colder climates and tend to be better for winter.

When attempting to invest in a humidifier, you need to consider your budget and the scope of what you’re trying to achieve. If you wish to bring additional humidity to the entirety of your home, it may be best to opt for a whole house humidifier. However, if you’re only going to target a specific room, a more compact model will suffice. Again, these products are not necessary for everyone and some people will be better served by a dehumidifier.

If you happen to suffer from dry skin, dry eyes, chapped lips, or a sore throat, you may want to consider investing in a humidifier.


As mentioned above, dehumidifiers are substantially different from humidifiers. In fact, they work in the exact opposite manner and will decrease the humidity in your home. So, these appliances will be superb for certain situations, but they cannot accommodate the needs of all individuals. Again, you’ll need to carefully analyze your current situation, in order to determine whether you need more or less humidity. If you need to remove humidity for your home, you’ll want to invest in the best dehumidifier and vice versa. As with the above appliances, dehumidifiers are available in various varieties, including heat pump dehumidifiers and dehumidifying ventilators.

It is also possible to invest in a reliable chemical absorbent dehumidifier. And, there are dehumidifiers, which are capable of treating a singular room, as well as whole house dehumidifiers. Nonetheless, each of these appliances will serve the same purpose and will ultimately decrease the level of humidity in a specific area. Although a dehumidifier can help you maintain pristine health, it can also protect your home from the elements. If you’re experiencing wet spots on your ceiling and walls, you may very well need one of these appliances. Too much moisture can wreak havoc on your home’s wood, paint, and wall paper. At the same time, dehumidifiers are an excellent investment for consumers, who suffer from allergies, due to dust mites, mold, or fungus.

Even if you do not suffer from terrible allergies, you may want to consider investing in one of these devices to prevent mold from developing inside of your home. Mold can be a serious health risk and it has been linked to many serious illnesses. A dehumidifier is also capable of keeping pesky insects outside of your home. Spiders, roaches, and centipedes are naturally attracted to moist environments. So, decreasing the moisture within your home will also keep these creatures at bay.

Best of

The Best Air PurifierWinix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology

Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology

Are you tired of suffering with allergies, caused by the allergens inside of your home? If so, it may be time to invest in an air purifier. This machine is equipped with a filtration system that will capture pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens. Of course, the percentage of allergens captured will depend on the type of air purifier you invest in. The Winix WAC9500 air is a high-quality air purifier that will efficiently work for you to remove those unwanted allergens. Below, you will discover more information about this product, so you can decide whether or not you want to invest in it.

Notable Features

The Honeywell QuietClean is embedded with premium components that work together to remove 99% of the allergens from the environment. It is designed to work effectively in a 283 square foot room.

  • Air purification process is completed in 5 separate levels
  • Rated as an Energy Star air purifier
  • Certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • Capable of removing particles up to 3 microns
  • Suitable for a 28’ X 10′ room
  • Room air is circulated up to 5 times every hour
  • Reusable filter (washable)
  • Operates at low decibel levels

This air purifier is also very affordable, but includes everything you need to keep your living room or kitchen free of allergens. Overall, it is one of the most cost-efficient models on the market, since you never need to replace the filter, just wash and replace.

The Good

The Winix WAC9500 is loaded with features that will transform your home into a healthier living environment. This model is more suitable for apartments, flats, and condos, thanks to its compact design. Many consumers prefer the tower design, because it takes up very little space. It can actually fit into any corner of your home, so it will never become a safety hazard.

The main reason why the QuietClean operates so efficiently is because of the filtration system. Once the air enters the unit, it must undergo three different processes, before it released back into the environment. Not only does this process ensure 99% effectiveness, but it will also keep the entire room smelling fresh and clean.

The Bad

As with any air purifier, the Winix WAC9500 also comes with a few downsides. Since the unit is only designed to purify one room at a time, many consumers will want to transport it from one room to another. This only makes sense, because it is unrealistic to think that most people would want to fill their home with multiple air purifiers. Now for the bad, this model is slightly heavier than other competitor brands. In fact, it weighs around 15 pounds, which may make it difficult for seniors or anyone that suffers with back pain to transport it around.


Although price might be a concern, you should know that the benefits provided by the Honeywell help to justify the price to no end. If you want the best appliance money can buy and you refuse for anything else, you should look no further than the Winix WAC9500. The product will serve you admirably for many years to come and will prove to be worth every penny.

Overall Assessment

Overall, the Winix WAC9500n is a quality air purifier that operates quietly, efficiently, and effectively. For the price you cannot beat it, but you must remember that it is only designed for small rooms. If you wish to see how the Winix WAC9500 stacks up to the top 5 air purifiers on the market, please click on this link.

The Best Humidifier – TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier with LED Display

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier with LED Display

TaoTronics has grown in popularity over the years, thanks to their ability to provide consumers with cost effective solutions to their air quality problems. The TaoTraonics Ultrasonic Humidifier exemplifies this perfectly. The unit is incredibly affordable, yet it possesses all of the key characteristics consumers will desire from a humidifier. Despite its compact size, the unit delivers a sufficient amount of working time and will never become an annoyance.

Notable Features

The TaoTronics TT-AH001 Home Humidifier is a solid investment, thanks to its convenience, compact design, and lightweight size. It also delivers a big performance, which greatly overshadows its small stature and lightweight.

  • Mist control allows user to change the velocity and direction of the mist
  • LED display interface keeps you aware of the humidity level at all times
  • Convenient timer allows for timed dehumidification
  • Tank is capable of holding 4 liters of water
  • Works consistently for 15 hours
  • Almost silent operation allows you to sleep, during operation

This humidifier is reliable, cost-effective, and will never become an annoyance. With a large tank and near silent operation, you’ll be able to sleep throughout the night even when using the TaoTronics TT-AH001 to maintain an optimized humidity level.

The Good

The TaoTronics TT-AH001 humidifier possesses many advantageous characteristics, which help to make it idealistic for almost everyone. The unit is lightweight, compact, and doesn’t require a great deal of effort to move from location to location. At just 3.2 pounds, anyone and everyone, regardless of age or stature, will be able to move the appliance without hurting themselves. With a 4-liter capacity, the unit can run for up to 15 hours. This helps the user avoid constant refills and will allow them to maintain proper humidity, while they sleep. The unit is capable of accommodating rooms of up to 538 square foot. For more situations, this should suffice.

The Bad

Despite all of the amazing features associated with the TaoTronics humidifier, it does not come without any blemishes. Of course, the potential cons are minor and rare, so most consumers will enjoy their experience with the TaoTronics. Still, some have complained about the longevity of the fan. If the fan begins making a loud noise, there is a possibility that it will need to be replaced in the near future. It is also possible for the humidifier to begin emitting a minute amount of smoke. This can cause great concern. Just remember that this humidifier is covered by a warranty and the manufacturer will be more than willing to rectify any of these problems should they present themselves.


Nobody wants to spend excessively and wind up in a detrimental situation, due to their humidifier investment. The good news is that you won’t have to with the TaoTronics Advanced Humidifier. It is affordable enough for almost all consumers.

Overall Assessment

When it boils down to it, the TaoTronics is undoubtedly the best humidifier on the market, when examining the bigger picture. It is compact, easy to use, reliable, and incredibly affordable. It may not shine in one specific area, but it delivers a well-rounded performance in all. This makes it the best investment for any consumer, who needs to add a little more moisture to his or her home. How does the TaoTronics stack up to the top 5 humidifiers on the market? Click here to find out!

The Best Dehumidifier – Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire is widely known for their amazing climate control appliances, especially refrigerators. Their dehumidifiers are often overlooked and this is truly a shame, since they’re reliable, cost effective, and well worth the investment. This is especially true, when it comes to the Frigidaire FAD504DWD. Despite this unit’s affordability, it is more than capable of satisfying the needs of the mass majority of consumers. The unit can be utilized continuously, as long as it is connected to a suitable drain. This is ideal for those that wish to keep their home’s humidity level optimized throughout the day and night.

Notable Features

There are several features, which help to make the Frigidaire FAD504DWDone of the top dehumidifiers on the market. The unit is equipped with bottom wheels, which helps to make transportation rapid and convenient. The unit also features a handy humidity control, which puts you in complete control of your home’s humidity.

  • 50-pints per day and is capable of accommodating rooms of up to 1,400 square feet
  • Equipped with 2 fan speeds
  • Humidity controller keeps the consumer in charge
  • Features an antibacterial mesh filter
  • Full tank alert system and automatic shut-off
  • Electronic controls make adjustments simple and quick
  • Comes with a 6-foot power cord

The FAD704DWD possesses all of the characteristics, which consumers will want from their dehumidifiers. It is reliable, compact, affordable, and always capable of delivering a solid performance.

The Good

There is truly a lot to like about this particular dehumidifier. It is surprisingly compact at just 12.3 by 17.3 by 25.5 inches. At 37 pounds, the unit isn’t overly heavy and the bottom wheels make transportation simple and easy. The unit is also covered by a limited 1-year warranty, which provides the consumer with a little added peace of mind. Since the dehumidifier is capable of accommodating rooms up to 1,400 square foot, it should be more than sufficient for the mass majority of consumers. And, there is always the possibility of connecting this appliance to a suitable drain and running it throughout the day and night.

The Bad

Despite all of the perks associated with the FAD504DWD, the dehumidifier is not flawless. It does have a few minor cons, but they are certainly not deal breakers. One thing that might give you concern is the audible operation of the unit. It is downright loud. It is possible to rectify this problem to some degree, by switching to the lower fan speed, but the operational noise will still be difficult to ignore. And, the requirement of the 3-prong outlet may annoy some consumers. As long as you know what you’re getting and can accept the unit’s downfalls, you’ll find that it is best overall dehumidifier for the money.


The price of the dehumidifier will undoubtedly be a major factor all consumers will consider. The good news is that the Frigidaire FAD504DWD is surprisingly affordable. There may be cheaper alternatives out there, but they’re unable to parallel the performance of the Frigidaire.

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, it is nearly impossible to find a dehumidifier that can meet or exceed the performance, affordability, and ease of use of the Frigidaire FAD704DWD. The unit is surprisingly affordable, easy enough to setup, and can accommodate the mass majority of rooms. Despite a few minor cons, more consumers will find that this dehumidifier is the best. To see how the FAD704DWD stacks up against the competition, be sure to check out our comparison of the top 5 dehumidifiers.